Little Einsteins operates in a secure detached premises on two floors,

with an on site safe parking facility for up to 15 cars.

Baby Room (0 - 2 years)

Our Baby room is a very spacious, bright and stimulating room that has its own milk kitchen, separate changing area as well as a very comfortable sleeping area, where each child has his/her own linen and cot.

Our very young babies (3 to 11 mths) are given a wide variety of experiences, which involve all the senses, encourages learning and an interest in the environment whilst building relationships with their carers, other babies and their key worker.

From 11 months onwards, or as the children become more mobile, new opportunities for exploration and exercise open up.  Little Einsteins offers a safe, stimulating environment with the appropriate resources to develop your babies’ curiousity, coordination, communication skills and physical ability.

Toddler Room ( 2 to 3 years)

Children of this age are full of energy, growing in physical strength and so need time for exercise as well as calmer activities. Our toddler room caters for all areas of development with our:
‘Messy Zone’ for those creative moments, ‘Active zone’ for singing, dancing, using our imagination, being creative, building relationships.
The ‘Quiet zone’ is where we sleep, rest, read, listen, write, count, build and enjoy circle time with friends.

All areas in Little Einsteins Toddler room encourage exploration, self help, cooperation, problem solving and communication skills.


Pre-School ( 3 to 5 Years)

Little Einsteins is all too aware that at this age children begin to undertake more challenging activities. Our Pre-School Room has a ‘Quiet Zone’, ‘Active Zone’ and ‘Messy Zone’ (covering all aspects of development) as in our Toddler Room, but the children now have a wider range of materials to develop their independent thinking.

Children also learn effectively in shared activities, so our days are built around ‘planned, purposeful play, led by both adults and children in the room in order to maximise your child’s development.

At this stage children are becoming much more sociable, so mealtimes play a huge part in your child’s emotional and social development. Little Einstein’s believe mealtimes should be a relaxed, enjoyable experience where the children can interact and talk about their day.

Outdoor Area

At Little Einsteins we know how important both fresh air and exercise is for children’s well being. Our outdoor area is fully enclosed for security, offers a wide range of both large and small equipment for all ages and stages of development. All children have access to this area throughout the day.

Parents Room

Little Einsteins operates an Open Door policy. Your input, opinions and suggestions are very important to us. We have a private and comfortable parent’s room where you can talk to us in confidence whenever you choose, about any queries or questions you may have. The room is also where your child’s progress file is kept. You have access to this at anytime your child's key worker will discuss this with you at regular progress meetings throughout your child’s time at Little Einsteins.


Food and Drink play a major part in your child’s well being. All meals and snacks at Little Einsteins are made from fresh ingredients and prepared in our fully fitted kitchen. Dietary requirements/ Allergies are catered for and fresh drinking water is available at all times.



Little Einsteins Day Nursery, Woodville House, Woodville Street, St Helens, WA10 1ET 01744 750 494

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 6pm
Closed all public holidays and between Christmas and the New Year


£25 per morning session

£25 per afternoon session

£41 per day

£170 per week

contact: mail@little-einsteins-nursery.com